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  • Q1
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    As you may know, the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, a bill that makes major changes to the country's health care system became law in 2010. Based on what you have read or heard about that legislation, do you favor all of the proposals in that law, favor most of them, oppose most of them, or oppose all of them?
    Order Answer Responses Percent 0 100
    1 Favor all 13 6%
    2 Favor most 78 38%
    3 Oppose most 71 35%
    4 Oppose all 42 21%
    Total 204 100.00%
  • Q2
    Multi-Select List
    Which of the following inefficiencies, if any, have you seen in your workplace?
    Order Answer Responses Percent 0 100
    1 Wasteful spending 72 35%
    2 Too many supply vendors 26 13%
    3 Unnecessary staff 38 19%
    4 Inadequate phone lines 33 16%
    5 Costly new patient packets being sent 24 12%
    6 Lack of appointment confirmations 35 17%
    7 Late physicians 50 25%
    8 Useless tests 45 22%
    9 Insurance mandated process work 65 32%
    10 Other, please specify: [Open-ended answer] 22 11%
    peoplefaking getting care that they do not need
    paperwork needed for a "paperless system"
    repetitive paperwork, large amount of wasted food, lack of supplies, understaffed, administration promising things they cannot supply
    not enough staff
    Costly supplies, especially implant and surgical supplys
    not being able to get enough of the supplies we need.
    People don't show up for work
    Under staffed
    under staffed
    answering machines instead of real people in work places. Recordings are the worst.
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    11 None 44 22%
    (204 Respondents)    Total 454
  • Q3
    Single-Select List
    How strongly do you believe that spending efficiencies will be eliminated in hospitals and clinics as a result of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?
    Order Answer Responses Percent 0 100
    1 Very strong 15 7%
    2 Strongly 39 19%
    3 Somewhat strongly 68 33%
    4 Not at all strongly 82 40%
    Total 204 100.00%
  • Q4
    Multi-Select List
    What spending inefficiencies, if any, will be eliminated in hospitals and clinics as a result of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?
    Order Answer Responses Percent 0 100
    1 Claims processing 34 17%
    2 Physicians purchasing directly from suppliers versus standardizing on a smaller list of suppliers 24 12%
    3 Ineffective use of IT 23 11%
    4 Staffing turnover 39 19%
    5 Paper prescriptions 39 19%
    6 Defensive medicine 31 15%
    7 Medical errors 33 16%
    8 Unnecessary ER visits 71 35%
    9 Other, please specify: [Open-ended answer] 3 1%
    I have no idea what all will be eliminated. I just hope I still have a job when the hospital can't afford to keep help.
    Im not sure
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    10 None 69 34%
    (204 Respondents)    Total 366
  • Q5
    Multi-Select List
    What positive outcomes, if any, do you think will come out of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?
    Order Answer Responses Percent 0 100
    1 Lower hospital bills for patients 42 21%
    2 Shorter hospital trips 18 9%
    3 Lower healthcare spending for tax payers 39 19%
    4 More Americans will have coverage 116 57%
    5 Coverage will be higher quality 12 6%
    6 Delivery of care will be more innovative 23 11%
    7 More people will come in for preventive care 74 36%
    8 More focus on mental health 24 12%
    9 Americans will live longer 14 7%
    10 Other, please specify: [Open-ended answer] 6 3%
    More people will be elegible for government services.
    Health insurance holder pays expensive premium and not well covered when get ill.
    We will die sooner and care will be avoided due to cost.
    higher cost of care
    I honestly cannot see any positive outcomes except for the people who don't want to better themselves and their lives by getting educated and finding better jobs with health insurance instead of leaning on the taxpayers to pay for their healthcare.
    lack of quality of care
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    11 None 53 26%
    (204 Respondents)    Total 421
  • Q6
    Multi-Select List
    What negative outcomes, if any, do you think will come out of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?
    Order Answer Responses Percent 0 100
    1 Quality of care will go down 104 51%
    2 Quality of health insurance policies will suffer 108 53%
    3 The law is overly complicated 99 49%
    4 The law still allows insurance companies to be the middleman 75 37%
    5 Too complex for businesses 65 32%
    6 Insurance exchanges will be poorly managed 85 42%
    7 Americans will die earlier 38 19%
    8 Other, please specify: [Open-ended answer] 10 5%
    hospitals will go out of business, docyors will cease to practice
    Small businesses will hire staff at 29hr unable to afford healthcare for employees. Those who have benefits will pay higher deductibles with less reimbursement, it will benefit those on Medicare and Medicaid the end. We have got to get people off benefits who are able to work
    still reviewing
    Fewer physicians available
    Some smaller providers may go out of business
    death panels
    not sure yet
    cost of private insurance will skyrocket.
    Congress and government officials get to skate right on by Obamacare to free healthcare while the rest of the country must obey. The constitution is being violated in so many ways with this whole Obamacare BS.
    To give a person a fine for not being able to get healthcare.If we could not afford it before how can we now? It is not affordable as they say.
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    9 None 14 7%
    (204 Respondents)    Total 598


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